The discipline that studies the nature of values.

Systemics has an impact of axiology mainly for the following reasons:

- As it instates a hierarchy of embedded and interdependent systems, it should lead to a re-examination of the rights, responsabilities or reciprocal needs of each system and co-system within the corresponding supra- and infrasystems. This subject embraces a wide range of disciplines, from ecology to psychology and sociology.

- As it introduces a strong time-dimension, needs, rights and responsabilities must be considered within a future perspective, corresponding to different time scales.

- As it proposes a specific way to understand the relation of the observer with the observed, and peculiarly, the relations among various observers, systemic axiology needs to focus on consensus and co-participative decision making.

- As systemics introduces a new understanding of the nature of cultural differences, systemic axiology must also strive to find satisfactory transcultural values.

3) epistemology, ontology and semantics

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