AWARENESS (Self) 1)5)

The capacity to clearly perceive oneself as a separate entity

As noted by F. Capra, self-awareness, as far as we know, is manifest only in higher animals and fully unfolds in the human mind"(1997, p. 287)

He adds: "As humans we are not only aware of our environment, we are also aware of ourselves and our inner world. In other words, we are aware that we are aware. We not only know; we also know that we know. It is this special faculty of self-awareness that I refer to when I use the term "consciousness"(lbid)

It can also easily be observed that the degree of self-awareness varies widely among human individuals, from about non-existant to acute consciousness in the case of mystics, "illuminated" or "awakened"(in the Buddhist sense)

Capra also observes that "In the Santiago theory, self-awareness is viewed as being tied closely to language and the understanding of language (as) approached through a careful analysis of communication"�and "Communication, according to Maturana, is not a transmission of information, but rather a coordination of behavior among living organisms through mutual structural coupling. Such mutual coordination of behavior is the key characteristic of communication for all living organisms, with or without nervous system, and it becomes more and more subtle and elaborate with nervous system of increased complexity"(lbid)

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