A minimal set of components in a system in its initial phase of autogenesis (zero-system), which has the potential to start producing processes, (After V CSANYI, 1993, p.263)

CSANYI explains: "A precondition for starting a self-organizing process in a zero-system is the presence of a minimal set of components which is able to replicate and which fulfills the following criteria:

"1. It contains at least one cycle of component- producing processes;

"2. At least one of the components participating in this cycle can be excited by the energy flux flowing through the system" (Ibid)

This model seems apt to cover autogenesis in future artificial systems as well as in actual living systems

It also explains the "jump" from autogenesis to autopoiesis, as Csanyi describes it: "During autogenesis, as time advances, an increasing part of functional information becomes replicative information, This can appear only as an extension of AGSP, that is, additional replicative cycles appear which are interconnected with the AGSP" (Ibid)

2) methodology or model

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