J. Aracil proposes an association of attractors, as models and behavior modes.

"It is well known that a dynamical system can show many attractors. With each attractor we associate a behavior mode. The attractors represent the states where the system is normally observed. The qualitative study of dynamical systems is concerned with the study of attractors. A very important question, that literature has not dealt with however, is to study how the variation of the theoretical framework along the modeling process can determine the possibility of emergence of new behavior modes (new attractors). This problem is linked to the emergence of bifurcations in the modeling process in the precise sense to be stated below. In this way the modeling process can be related to the concept of structural stability and with THOM's catastrophe theory paradigm considered in its widest sense, as a theory of morphogenesis: the morphogenesis of new behavior modes through the modeling process". (1986, p.244)

The lack of such a qualitative enquiry was one of the main shortcomings of FORRESTER's Systems dynamics

2) methodology or model

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