APPROACH (The Ten Commandments of the systemic) 1)2)

J .de Rosnay enumerates as follows the "10 Commandments of the Systemic Approach"

1. To keep variety

2. Not to open the feedback loops (i.e. not destroy the regulators)

3. To seek the amplification points

4. To establish equilibria through decentralization

5. To maintain constraints

6. To differentiate in order to improve integration

7. To evolve, by reaction to aggression

8. To prefer objectives instead of detailed programming

9. To know how to use energy (contained within information) for management

10. To respect reaction delays" (1975, p.122-127)

It is obviously possible to imagine other "commandments", less limited to human systems and, of course less operative, as for example:

- to define as precisely as possible the significant environment of the system

- to clearly define the main objective of the system and its subsidiary ones

- to find out the different rhythms of activities of the system and discover their interrelations

- to determine the degree of maturity of the growing system: just born, or emergent, in steady state, or in the process of sclerosis.

1) general information

2) methodology or model

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