The discipline that studies human action. Andragology is a creation of Gerard de ZEEUW and has been developed by him in Holland at the University of Amsterdam, as well as in conferences organized by the Systeem Groep Nederland; and in the journal Systemica of which he was editor in chief. Martha VAHL, a close collaborator of de Zeeuw, writes "Andragology… combines interests both practical (adult education, social helping, support through the built environment) and theoretical (the acquisition of supportive knowledge). In terms of the breadth of this definition, andragology, as a field, remains more or less unique to the Netherlands"( 2002, p. 101)

This reference to the Journal "Systems Research and Behavioral Science "is a fundamental one about de Zeeuw and his collaborators work, being a Festschrift in his honor.

The same issue also offers a listing of de Zeeuws publications compiled by M. Vahl and, generally, an abundant bibliography of the field.

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