"The step-wise evolution of the dynamics of self-organization itself, bringing into play new levels of systems with their appropriate self-organization dynamics" (E. JANTSCH, 1982, p.345).

JANTSCH, who introduced the concept, stated: "In microevolution, anagenesis arises from endosymbiosis of dynamic (or ontogenic) sequences of structures; in macroevolution from the coevolution of phylogenetic sequences of systems. It may be interpreted as selftranscendence in space-time" (Ibid).

This is the evolution of evolution modes. Anagenesis is probably to be connected with emergence of new levels of complexity through dissipative structuration.

This process also seems related to the appearance of higher levels of sociality (cells as societies of molecules, living beings as societies of cells, beehives as societies of bees, human societies) that produce new types of individuals on a higher complexity level.

The subject is very complex. JANTSCH's paper provides an interesting figure that makes it easier to understand.

2) methodology or model

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