The conservation of dynamic stability during a process of change in a system

Any system or subsystem is normally able to cope with a more or less wide range of inputs.

As expressed by ASHBY, a system counts with a defined variety which allows it to adapt to specific variations in its environment.

The french biologist P. VENDRYES, in turn, explained that the system is able to maintain itself within limits of adaptive fluctuations if it counts with sufficient reserves (or resources) disponible for use.

Allostasis has thus a qualitative and a quantitative aspect.

However if variety and/or resources are insufficient and tend to be exhausted, non adequately compensated input perturbations create stress in the system.

If stress becomes excessive or persists for long time, the system may undergo severe damage and, in extreme cases, be destroyed.

→ Break down; Collapse; Criticality; Equilibrium; General adaptation syndrome; Heterostasis; Homeostasis; Regulation; Synergetics

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