The property of a system characterized by input-output relations (LE PEUTREC, 1994, p.1553)

S. LE PEUTREC and M. COURANT explain: "Such a system needs an internal representation of its environment. The environment controls the internal functioning of the system" (Ibid)

This is the case of common regulators: While they endow some larger system with some autonomy, they themselves are not autonomous.

Allonomy is a property somehow complementary to autopoiesis. According to P. VENDRYES, autonomy is not possible without internal regulators, registering external perturbations and reacting to them as kind of buffers allowing for the permanence of the systems identity and processes.

Or: "Allonomy is a logics of correspondence, while autonomy is a logics of coherence".(Ibid, p. 1554). There is a kind of symbiosis between two antagonistic behaviors.

2) methodology or model

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