AGIL imperatives 1)

A mnemonic for remembering "the four imperatives that must be adequately fulfilled for a system by its subsystems if that system is to continue to exist" (M.C. JACKSON, 1992, p.46).

"The meaning of the terms that make up AGIL is as follows:

A. Adaptation – the system has to establish relationships between itself and its external environment

G. Goal attainment - goals have to be defined and resources mobilized and managed in pursuit of these goals

I. Integration – the system has to have a means of coordinating its efforts

L. Latency (or pattern maintenance) – the first three requisites for organizational survival have to be solved with the minimum of strain and tension by ensuring that organizational "actors" are motivated to act in the appropriate manner" (Ibid)

As mentioned by JACKSON, these four imperatives where originally stated by T. PARSONS and N.J. SMELSER.

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