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"An agent who is capable of some sort of meta-level reasoning about the multi-agent community". (M. PECHOUCEK et al., 2000, p. 659)

The authors state that the meta-agent neither controls the community nor serves as a communication centre". It is thus neither a controller, nor a "black board"

The authors distinguish two types of meta-agent's activity:

- static observation

- dynamic observation"

Through static observation the meta-agent obtains a "state of affairs" picture

By dynamic observation, it may predict for ex. an "approaching critical overload of an agent"(note: or possibly of the whole system)

On the other hand "from the point of view of the meta-agents impact on the community we distinguish two principal roles:

"- Passive role: the meta-agent does not influence the community life-cycle…it (merely) provides the user with the information on how the community evolves in time…The meta-agent playing a passive role does not have any means how to modify directly the multi-agent community.

"- Active role: the meta-agent affects directly some other-agents within the community. Here the meta-agent usually revises (by directly delivered messages) the local knowledge bases of the agents. The proper active role should be ensured by means of dynamic observation" (p. 659-60)

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