ADAPTATION (Obstacles to) 1)2)

Some of the most significant obstacles to adaptation are:

- Difficulty to evaluate former performance due to:

a) incomplete data

b) poor criteria for defining positive or negative performance

c) difficulty to distinguish between different causes of poor or good performance (causal multidimensionality implying nonlinearity)

d) difficulty to distinguish between short, medium and long trends in performance (a poor performance can be a near random short-term fluctuation or a symptom of a deep seated problem)

- Difficulty to discover elements or conditions that may lead to a better performance, including difficulty to select the most useful ones

- Difficulty to distinguish and overcome negative factors that induce poor performance

- Difficulty to arbitrate trade-offs between desired but contradictory performances (speed versus capacity in a network of roads, for ex.)

- Difficulty to avoid future local optima that may become dead ends

1) general information

2) methodology or model

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